About Us

Our Mission

Changing the world one mind at a time.

Our Product

We implement 25 years of industry-based research to teach students how to use logic and natural laws to understand complex problems, leverage expertise, and develop personal accountability.

How do we operate?

  1. Facilitate in-school teacher training programs to improve classroom management, curriculum development, and college readiness programs.
  2. Provide student coaching through summer programs, after school programs, and one-on- one trainings.
  3. Bridge the gap between professionals, students, and parents by hosting community-driven leadership workshops.
  4. Create company-specific professional development workshops.

Student Impact

LSA was established in 2013 and has already seen tremendous impact in K-12 education.

4 Years of Implementation

500 Students Educated

10+ High Schools

97% Satisfaction Rating

What are people saying about LSA?


“…this course was so enjoyable for me. The one-on-one time was great. I love all the instructors, and your teaching methods are amazing. I wish all school was like this.”

– Morgan Percy-Fine, HS Sophomore



“My freshman daughter wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we enrolled her in the leadership program.  After taking the course, she told me “Dad, it wasn’t like school, I actually learned something interesting!”  She came away with an understanding of how to  know everything by knowing nothing at all.  She continues to use the concepts taught in the course and is looking forward to doing it again next summer.”

Dean Wine [Freshman HS Parent]



“I have been thoroughly impressed by the Logic and Leadership program hosted at our school. I would recommend it to every high school who wants their students to accomplish more in their studies and wants what is best for their students.”

Principal Juan Nunez

What do we teach?