LSA works to partner with high schools all over Arizona. We provide a leadership education that helps students to reduce their stress, improve their leadership skills and learn 5x faster! Our education is the cutting-edge research that has been tested for over 10+ years. Partnership with our program can include the following:

  • Leadership presentations
  • After school programs
  • Teacher trainings
  • Advisory period course
  • Implementing a leadership course
  • Leadership summer program

Each school is extremely unique. Our organization is a great tool for schools all over the valley to gain access to an education that can’t be found anywhere else. We work with schools of all different sizes but each school finds ways to utilize our education to improve and develop their students leadership capabilities.

Contact if you are interested in learning more about partnership!

Organizations that we are partnered with:

Coronado High School
Contact: Fran Prather

Arizona DECA
Contact: Kathy Frommer

Phoenix Union District
Contact: Judy Bashan

ASU Access
Contact: Jaime Mendoz

North High School
Contact: Abigail Broderick

CMAA Student Chapter
Contact: Nguyen Le

DBIA Student Chapter
Contact: Nguyen Le

SLC Student Chapter
Contact: Nguyen Le

Previous School Partnerships